Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm really doing it this time..

Howdy, well it's time for me to start blogging. I've been threatening myself for years. Blog or else. But I have a ton of other stuff going on and ski season is just around the corner. However.. I need a place to put stuff that I've discovered and just ramble on about stuff. Mostly this is going to be hard-core Linux stuff because I have a bunch of random notes from all over that could really help others out, the way I've learned so much from other helpful Internet citizens. Anyhoo, this is it. Welcome.

Hmm.. I just noticed that my URL sysextra looks a little provocative. Bonus!

So, some stuff about me. I use to work for UUNet, where I really lucked out. There were some really smart people that there I learned from. I started out in the support group which kinda turned into me working in a web hosting sys-admin group. After that, I was in product development (devo) which was really operations and development. From there it was off to Level 3 in Colorado, then a couple of start-ups and now I work for BT on a cloud computing platform. Funny how much it reminds me of managed hosting at UUNet, only cooler.

I really love all things operations so I always kinda do it, even when I'm in a development roll. Good sysadmins like to be on the frontlines because that's where the action is. I enjoy writing perl and PHP code and all things Linux. I think that's about it for now, the kids are bugging me to get dinner going. Oh  yea, I'm a big Grateful Dead fan.

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